Green Beer

Green Beer

How to make green beer, leprechaun style

I resorted to tickle torture, but finally the leprechaun admitted the truth: they use food coloring, just like everyone else. Huge disappointment, I know! And yet how cool is it that you, too, can make festive green beer with nothing more than a trip to the grocery store and a few minutes’ time?

Ingredients :

  • 1 pale Irish lager
  • Green liquid food coloring
    • not paste
    • Results may vary depending on the beer used
  • OR Blue liquid food coloring
    • not paste
    • Yellow and blue make green, but the blue flood coloring can cause a darker and more murky look


  1. Add 3 drops of one of the food colors. You can pour the beer first and then add the food coloring, but it gets stuck in the foam and you have to stir it in and it never really looks nice.
  2. Pour the beer into your glass, over the drop(s) of food coloring, and it will mostly stir up on its own as you pour. If it needs a little more stirring, you can use a bar stir stick, which will agitate the foam so you don’t lose the head. (Stirring with a spoon tends to make the foam disappear, but in a pinch a knife, chopsticks, straw or anything that’s straight should work.)

Yields: 1 serving



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