Community First with MogoBox® and Gulfport Kiwanis

We’re excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey of community engagement and service. MogoBox®, in partnership with Gulfport Kiwanis, is now a proud member of the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce.

This partnership and new membership signify a pivotal moment for both organizations, uniting us in our mission to amplify our impact within the Gulfport community. Together, we’re dedicated to fostering growth, encouraging community service, and supporting local initiatives that make a real difference. This collaboration is a powerful step forward, leveraging the Chamber’s extensive network and resources to enhance our collective efforts toward a stronger, more vibrant community.

A cornerstone of our partnership with Gulfport Kiwanis has been our enthusiastic involvement in community events, most notably the Kiwanis Pancake Day. This beloved annual event is more than just a gathering for pancake enthusiasts; it’s a vital fundraiser that supports local causes and initiatives, reflecting MogoBox’s commitment to community engagement.

Our active participation showcases the tangible impact of our collaboration with Gulfport Kiwanis, directly aligning with our core values of service and community support. Beyond Pancake Day, we’ve joined forces on various other occasions, each uniquely contributing to the collective well-being of the Gulfport area and reinforcing our shared mission of Kiwanis –  A global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. 

In addition to our collaborative efforts at community events, our partnership with Gulfport Kiwanis extends into the creation of exclusive Kiwanis licensed products. These items, ranging from custom mugs to unique apparel, symbolize service and community support, embodying the spirit and values of the Kiwanis organization. The reception of these products by the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with each purchase contributing to Kiwanis’ mission and their various service projects and charitable activities. This initiative provides Kiwanis members and supporters with meaningful ways to display their pride and commitment, furthering the impactful work being done by Kiwanis in Gulfport and beyond.

While our collaboration with Gulfport Kiwanis underscores our commitment to local community service, our dedication extends further, embracing the valor and sacrifices of those in uniform. MogoBox® is proud to offer a line of products dedicated to the U.S. Air Force and Space Force.

These collections, celebrating the courage, innovation, and commitment of our servicemen and women, allow members, veterans, and supporters to express their pride and support. This initiative, much like our work with Kiwanis, serves as a reminder of our deep gratitude for those who serve our country and our commitment to honoring all forms of service and community contribution.

Looking ahead, MogoBox® is excited about the future. We remain committed to expanding our collaborations, exploring new ways to support and celebrate both our local communities and the brave individuals in uniform. Whether it’s furthering our work with organizations like Gulfport Kiwanis, introducing new designs for our USAF and USSF collections, or finding innovative ways to honor service across all spheres, our mission continues. We are dedicated to creating products that bring joy and utility, fostering a deeper sense of community and appreciation for those who make a difference. Stay tuned to MogoBox® for more inspiring collaborations, products, and community initiatives that make a positive impact.

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