MogoBox® is a focused custom Mug and Promotional Company located in Diamondhead, Mississippi USA.


Why Mugs with Attitude®?

MogoBox® began as an idea in 2011. My son, a fresh graduate from college was full of dreams and ambitions with the desire to be an entrepreneur. His desire began a mom and son obsession which quickly gathered steam and at times drew in other family members, his girlfriend, and a friend half way around the world. We didn’t start out to be a Coffee Mug Shop, which has morphed into a custom promotions company. We were into gadgets and electronics: you know, geeky stuff. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

MogoBox® has been a real learning experience for young and never say old, alike. We have worked really hard and learned all kinds of things we didn’t even know that we wanted or needed to know. It’s simple to say, I want to start a business, even simpler to say, I’m going to have a website and sell “stuff”. Where to start? Thanks to the web, research was simple enough, though rather dull and dreary at times. Finding reliable, trustworthy, and affordable web-builders: huge problem. Finding suppliers – much more to my taste. In finding geeky stuff, we’ve had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, and to the largest Asian trade show in China, which made the humongous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas seem small by comparison. We’ve been gathering steam and have morphed through various phases including three websites with this being our fourth and for the first time self-built website allowing us to get rid of a huge, huge, headache. But I digress…

Being a bit geeky and liking gadgets of all sorts, when we found the morphing mug – well it just fit right in with our likes. Apparently, others  thought so too. To such a degree, that we said:  Why fight it? Let’s go all in, take a chance, get rid of all of our other product lines and concentrate on MUGS. We couldn’t stop at just morphing mugs though. We want all kinds of Mugs with Attitude®!

When you look around the office, in our homes, and even our vehicles; what do you see? That special container that defines us and contains our special beverage of choice. A mug that celebrates our likes, our dreams, our relations, our personalities, and the list goes on. So hence forth, MogoBox® will be bringing in and expanding those Mugs with Attitude®. They may be geeky, spunky, funny, sarcastic, rude, or comical; but the one common thread will be: ATTITUDE! And that attitude, well, it’s growing leaps and bounds because we don’t just do Mugs with Attitude® anymore. We’ve expanded into all types of drinkware, apparel (baby to adult), jewelry, totes, backpacks and the list is constantly growing. We’re having so much fun, that we are now designing our own mugs as well as custom mugs and all that other stuff we’ve added too for some pretty special people including Kiwanis International and the United States Air Force and United States Space Force. MogoBox is officially licensed with KI, USAF and USSF. Our ATTITUDE is pretty infectious so let MogoBox help your company stay connected with your clients and people with personalized, customized items with ATTITUDE!



Jack-of-All Trades

Being a family owned business – You name it. I do it. Website design and coding, find products, shipping, write a book or two…

I represent the 'Collective'

I embody all who work at MogoBox.

Chief Mug Washer

Title says it all!