Top 5 Smoothie Tricks

Top 5 Smoothie Tricks

MogoBlog MogoSocial Tip of the Day:  Tricks to make yummy smoothies revealed. And the top 5 are…

Favorite Smoothie-Making Accessories:

    • Mason jar mugs
    • Stainless steel straws
    • Quality Blender (I use the Ninja, but if you want top-knotch, go for the Vitamix)

And The Top 5 Smoothie Tricks Are:

    1. Rinse out your blender immediately so you don’t have to scrub it later.
    2. Add plain yogurt, oatmeal or peanut butter to turn your smoothie into a meal and a complete protein source
    3. Use frozen fruit instead of ice. It’s quick and filling.
    4. Add broccoli, spinach, or kale. You’ll add vital nutrients and you won’t even taste it!
    5. Layer the softest ingredients (banana) to hardest (frozen), add the liquid last.


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