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Grumpy Old Man

MogoBlog MogoLicious Tasty Tip of the Day:  The Grumpy Old Man cocktail features bourbon, lime juice and ginger ale. It’s a lot like the Moscow Mule, but with bourbon instead of vodka. This gives it more flavor, and you may find you like it even better.  Not sure why this cocktail got named the Grumpy […]

Ginger Beer Shandy

MogoBlog MogoLicious Tasty Tip of the Day:  Grab Dad’s favorite lager or pilsner and remix a classic lemonade shandy with ginger ale. For extra pizzazz, dip the rims of the glasses in finely chopped crystallized ginger and garnish with a slice of lemon. This one’s best served gently stirred, not shaken. Ginger Beer Shandy Prep […]

Classic Manhattan

MogoBlog MogoLicious Tasty Tip of the Day:  Treat dad like Don Draper, James Bond, Indiana Jones…or whoever his favorite hero might be with this swagger-filled Manhattan cocktail. The perfectly cool blend of whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth in a crispy martini glass. Classic Manhattan Prep Time:  2 minutes Yields:  1 MogoBox.com Mug with Attitude serving From: […]