Grinch Hot Chocolate

MogoBlog MogoLicious Tasty Tip of the Day: The Grinch’s heart grew three sizes and he learned the error of his ways, One thing for sure, this Grinch Hot Chocolate will keep you warm during the holiday season!!

Grinch Hot Chocolate


    • 2 Cups milk (I used Unsweetened Cashewmilk)
    • 4 Ounces white chocolate (chopped)
    • green food coloring
    • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    • 1 Tablespoon Peppermint Schnapps*** (or 1 teaspoon peppermint extract)
    • 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Vodka***
    • whipped topping


    1. Add milk and chopped white chocolate to a medium saucepan.
    2. Heat over LOW heat until chocolate is melted and milk is heated through.
    3. Remove from heat and add green coloring.
    4. Pour into mugs and “flavor” with your choice of Naughty or Nice flavorings.
    5. Top with whipped topping, green sprinkles, and red heart.


    • ***once you pour the Grinch Hot Chocolate into each mug, flavor with your choice of peppermint extract, peppermint schnapps, or liqueur of your choice.
    • For the “nice” version, just skip the vodka…then I would start with 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract in place of the peppermint schnapps, or 2 Tablespoons of Peppermint Simple Syrup and adjust based on your personal prference.

Prep Time:  2 minutes
Cook Time:  3 minutes
Total Time:  5 minutes

Yields: 2 Mug with Attitude servings


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