Gamora Cocktail

MogoBlog MogoLicious Tasty Tip of the Day:  Honoring one epic female character and the deadliest woman in the universe, Gamore!  A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora has superhuman strength and agility, as well as an accelerated healing factor…sort of like this cocktail.

Gamora Cocktail


    • 1 oz Blue Curaçao
    • 1 oz Vodka
    • 6 oz Orange Juice
    • Gold Sanding Sugar
    • Simple Syrup
    • Silver Cake Sprinkles
    • Ice


    1. Get two small plates and place gold sanding sugar on one and simple syrup on the other. Dip your glass in the simple syrup, followed by gold sanding sugar to rim your glass. Set to the side to dry for 2-3 minutes and once dry, fill the glass with ice.
    2. Next, place Blue Cuacao, Vodka, and Orange Juice in a bar shaker. Shake to combine and pour the liquor mix into the glass. To make the special effect, drop some Silver Cake Sprinkles along the edges of your drink and watch the magic begin!

Yields:  1 Mug with Attitude serving


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