Benefits of Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee

You know about Thai tea, but have you heard of the wonder that is Thai iced coffee? Thai coffee contains the cardamom ingredient, which is a spice derived from several plant seeds in the Zingiberaceae family. There are two genera of cardamom: Elettaria and Amomum. Both types of cardamom are found in India, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Nepa. The benefits of iced coffee are abundant, which is why drinking a cup of Thai iced coffee in your favorite mood mug or Mason jar is ideal.

The Benefits of Iced Coffee

Many appreciate the incentives that come with warmed coffee in mugs, but few consumers understand the benefits associated with iced caffeine. Coffee on ice is not watered down Java. In fact, there are instances where certain forms of caffeine on ice is more impactful than the average regular warmed cup of joe.

Some scientists have even deemed iced coffee as better than its hot counterpart as it inhibits the development of bacteria that causes odor leading to bad breath. Coffee breath, in other words, is a phenomenon that many avid iced java drinkers never experience. In fact, consumers who love caffeine on ice sometimes see their breath go from bad to good with bacteria-killing ingredients at work.

Maximize Your Workouts 

In addition to making your breath a more pleasant smell, iced coffee is a great energizing mechanism before workouts. The beverage also contributes to lean muscle growth and may aid in your quest to reduce fat. Of course, you can always drink hot coffee right before an exercise routine and reap the benefits of caffeine. Who wants to drink a hot beverage right before sweating it out at the gym, though?

Avid iced coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from depression than those who resort to caffeine for energy. Imagine a resolution to a problem that requires hours of counseling and bundles in pay for prescribed drugs. Iced caffeine has the power to prevent your onslaught of severe sadness before it begins. Combining all of these benefits with ingredients from Thailand makes for a beverage called Thai iced coffee that is healthy for you and delightful to drink out of your favorite mood mug in the morning or at night.

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